Subject covered here is one of three-hundred-twenty-nine TURBO Highlines made. There were two separate upstanding models in E23 line-up, Executive and Highline. In BMW sale brochure these models were “meant for people who have achieved so much that they do not need exaggerations.” Common for both was luxury standard equipment and options. As starters this meant special leather interior, air conditioning, electric seats and backseat remote for radio/front-passanger seat (located inside armrest).

Leather interior in Highline was two-toned cow hide and covered also dashboard and pillars. There were exotic options such as gasoline heater for cabin, electric rear seats and alarm system available. Highline in question had following options: limited slip differential, alarm system, insulated windows, laminated rear window, electric sunroof, electric seats, headlight control, automatic air conditioning, cruise control and velour mats. All Highlines have serial number ending between 1150001 and 1150329.

745i Highline production runs (code 6961) by month/year:

1150001 – 1150001  05/85
1150002 – 1150002  06/85
1150003 – 1150004  07/85
1150005 – 1150036  09/85
1150037 – 1150112  10/85
1150113 – 1150189  11/85
1150190 – 1150209  12/85
1150210 – 1150241  01/86
1150242 – 1150268  02/86
1150269 – 1150301  03/86
1150302 – 1150329  04/86

The 745i was originally sold in Germany and imported to Finland about twenty years ago. Bought for summer drive with some work needed, things turned out quite opposite. Car had seen many owners and less effort before. All together it turned around as great investment with very steep learning curve. Car is great fun to drive at current state, though there are many things to do, paint job and interior trim being final steps in the future. Past years of ownership car has been in process of reconditioning, while enjoying driving it in summer time.

Basic idea was to try drive highline at times while bringing it back to life. Beside unfinished rust repairs, summary of parts been replaced or rebuilt is extensive. With 30-year-old car with 300 000 kms, best approach is to replace parts with new or rebuild ones if possible. This way you are likely to spend some time driving also. Year 2015 car had winter tyres and was driven first time in winter for many years. Winter driving is not much fun at all, once boost hits some serious concentration is needed to stay on road.

List of parts either replaced or rebuilt so far:

Shocks, springs, exhaust system, fuel pump, fuel hoses, coolant hoses, radiator, heater core, drive shaft, front wheel bearings, pistons, engine bearings, timing chain, oil pump, fuel pressure regulator, ignition coil, intake rubber boots, air flow meter, fan viscous coupling, engine temperature sensors, fuel injectors, starter, alternator, battery, headlights, fog lights, coolant pressure tank, gear lever switches, gear lever indicator, hydraulic unit sensors, thermostat, steering pump wheel, cruise control unit, turbo charger, wastegate magnetic valve, rear brakes, tie rod center, steering arm bushing, steering lower joint, throttle angle indicator, cylinder head, camshaft, water pump, additional electric fan, front brakes, turbo cooling ducts, engine rubber mountings, horns, relays, wheels, front support bearings, brake hydraulic booster, brake master cylinder, hydraulic hoses, blower unit, blower housing, brake fluid tank, idle microswitch, crank position sensors, viscous fan blades, …

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