This site is for sharing information on BMW E23 745i turbos built from 05/1983 to 06/1986. Author is an owner of BMW 745i Highline 10/1985, a work in progress. Last update on March 2017. If you find the site helpful, please consider a donation via link below.

Site is now registered to new domain turbobmw.com!


12 thoughts on “About

    1. Y.C.LIN

      hi~ i am happy to see this website,i have e23 1985 745(eu) in Taiwan,my 745 have Rebuilding, if i have question can ask you? thank`s~


  1. Adnan

    Hi Niko,
    I’m Adnan from Bosnia.I have BMW E34 with m106 engine.
    Specifications of engine is:
    * Garrett Gt35 twinscroll turbo
    * Big intercooler
    * 76mm pipes from/to IC
    * Chip tuning from Jarmo Havulinna
    * Adjustable fuel regulator
    * O-Ring headgasket
    * m30b35 head
    * m30b35 intake manifold with throttle on other side
    * exhaust manifold one by one cylinder
    * Turbosmart external wastegate 38mm
    * Two additional fuel injectors in intake
    * Greeddy blow off
    * Two Walbro fuel pumps
    * ….etc….
    Now I buy new fuel injectors and car shoking from idle to 3500rpm because it is to many fuel in that range.I need reprogram this EPROM,how can I reduce fuel in down side before car get in boost.
    Best Regards…


    1. turbobmw Post author

      Hi Adnan,

      You can try free program called tuner pro for changing M106 fuel maps. But i think you would be better of with modern management replacing old factory stuff. Especially if you do not have original automatic in place. With so many nice modifications you are quite off original setup and it can be hard to have it spot on or even close. All the best, Niko.


      1. Adnan

        I need definition file to open it with Tuner Pro.
        File with extension xdf if you have it.
        Best Regards


  2. turbobmw Post author

    Okay, sorry do not have it. Quick solution is to read and combine binaries from both chips and use it as single 64K file. When done modifying split it two again and make new eproms. Good luck !



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